Rabu, 11 November 2009

Andrie Wongso record

Everything Can Change. Fight! (1 Comments) Article Rating: By: Andrie Wongso Save page as PDF Note Andrie Wongso 03: This story happened a few years ago. Completed the seminar, as usual, the stage was invaded tiba2 the audience who wish to have your autograph or a picture together or just shake hands. Among them, there was a young man who met my wife at the bottom of the stage. "Mom. I came to the seminar Mr. Andrie really wanted to say thank you to the father. But Dad was busy, yes, ma'am," he said, his eyes glanced at the crowd on stage. "Have you ever met Mr. Andrie where, sir?" my wife asked. "Oh. Mr. Andrie not know me. But I know Mr. Andrie, has even helped him," she said excitedly. "Look, Mom. I am a field that migrated to the Jakarta. My wife and I struggled from zero to a shop. One day, a sad case of natural disasters. Our office burned down. Still lucky, my wife and two children survived. But all property gone, leaving only the clothes on the body attached to it. Finally, my wife took the child back to Medan. Not long after I left them. I dared return to Jakarta and stayed at the boardinghouse Nebeng friends. Susah2nya time that, one day I was invited to the monastery temen. I think, wanted to have prayers. Er was, there was Mr. Andrie which provide motivation there. I was transfixed, ma'am. Kira2 week, Mr. Andrie sound like a ringing in my ears. Success is my right! Success is my right! Mr. Andrie, who was not highly educated, willing to fight and be successful. I have to be like father! "His eyes were like back to those days. "Thank God, my business is now starting to work. Son of my wife I have also brought back to Jakarta. When I know there was this seminar, I was determined to come, wants to see Mr. Andrie. It can not speak directly to Mr. Andrie. No daddy 'deh, sampein to my mother alone. Tolong kasih tau ya bu father, thank you from me and if I may titip little message, Mr. Andrie do not get bored give motivation to mana2. Because, many people in need and helped like me ". Teman2 extraordinary The above story was reinforcing what I have lived. Success is my right! Does not matter who we were and how. Whether it was lack of school, bad boy, poor, bankrupt, or any of our condition, what matters is who we are today and what goals we will achieve in the future. Everything can change. Fight! If we've got the determination to change their fate, wrote a clear purpose, and ready to fight with all sincerity, will success we all aspire to be achieved with pride! Yes! Success is the right of every person. Netter incredible! For more than 20 years, I have a habit of writing "little notes" about my apa2 daily living - whether in the form of meditation, ide2, or events that pleasant or unpleasant, that happens to me / someone else. For me, writing "notes" were able to enrich the wisdom & insights, as well as very useful in supporting the process of my struggle in achieving a successful life. Today, with the container facebook & website (AndrieWongso.com) are available, I wanted to share / share "notes" to friends all. I am sure this will be useful and can be used as a driving force all my friends in the building of mental wealth, for the creation of a successful life is more valuable. Posted by noorhidayat at 05:13